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whirlpool bathtub

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 How to use endless swimming pool the bathtub: 1. First plug the plug of the outlet; 2. Put the water, the water level is best below 42 cm, adjust the water temperature; 3. According to personal needs, put in some skin care bath products; 4. After soaking in the bath, the bathtub water is directly put away, and the inner whirlpool hot tub wall of the bathtub is rinsed and dried by the shower.
What are the classifications whirlpool bathtub of bathtubs?
1. If divided according to the function, some are ordinary types, the length of this bathtub has many choices, such as some are 1-2 mm, some are 1700 mm, the width range is between 700 ~ 900 mm, and the height is about 355 ~ 518 mm. Some have a bathtub function outdoor hot tub with massage function, and the performance is enhanced. Size specifications: the length is basically 1500 mm, the width is between 800 and 900 mm, and the height is generally 470 mm. There is also a sitting bubble type, the length is basically up to 1... [Details]
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